2007 - 2012

Kiev national university of construction

major academic courses high-lists:

3d visualization, chromatics, architectural design, composition.


   work experience 



Sanahunt luxury department store. art director

my duties were to organise design team, making events, pop up zones,

visual style of site & shop windows


freelance. working for john deere, ruf, goose&goose, few local bars and restaurants



abracadabra creative agency. design director.

team leading, creating products from «a to z», naming, labeling, art directing



struktura digital agency , senior designer



prado technologies, designer/art director

working with creative design team, logo design, web sites, art direction


2007- 2010

avesta ukraine group, designer

my duties were to design ads, POS , web site





adobe (ps,ai,ae,pr,an,lr)

cel animation

cinema 4d, 3d max

hand-drawing (sketching, framing, storyboarding)

advanced knowledge in lettering, mural, photography

english – interview, technical, presentation

typography «from inside»

lectures, workshops, brainstorms direction




2017 personal exhibition in M17 contemporary art center

2016 personal exhibition in Kinopanorama

2014 personal project for Mersedes MINI

   the biggest mural in the Moldova

   graphic solutions for the T5 (co-working platform)

2013 collaborations with 486 studio,

   MMCIS Charitable Foundation, Roman Cor

   workshop in the Cherkassy – creation of the city identity.

2012 winning tender from Business Centre «Leonardo» Kiev

   respublica fest, kamenetc podolsky.

   winning competition from Cirque du Soleil

2011 «i love kiev»Lavra Gallery, exhibition

   winning competition in design a multi-storey building

2010 personal exhibition of digital works in Kiev

   personal exhibition of prints in Obuhov

   opening of Street University in Sevastopol, worksop.

2009 winning tender from Goethe Institute – graphical solution.

2007 winning competition from Kiev Zoo, color & stencil scheme

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